Patricia Fabre


Paty was born in Mexico City and currently resides in the city of Puebla since 1967.

A self-taught artist with more than 50 solo and group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, her latest displays were at the University Historical Memory Museum in the University of Puebla, at the Indiana Cultural Center in Mexico City, and at the International Museum of Baroque in the City of Puebla.

Patricia Fabre works from a unique and constant facility with acrylics, stains, oils, watercolors, ceramics, and wood, taking her art to a break with the traditional exploration of the line, in which the artist knows no limits.

Her work is characterized by its avant-garde, modern, and constant rhythm between color and form, showing us labyrinths and signs of symbols always hidden and vulnerable to change. With shades of white, red, and black, Fabre has created a unique label, which has played a critical role in the artist’s work.

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